Coaches Corner

Updated Friday January 17, 2020 by WBYB.

"A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life."  -- John Wooden  

Most who experience success, in any form, can point back to someone over the course of life who played a pivotal role in their development. That's because a great coach does more than help us win games.  They inspire, motivate, and challenge us to be at our very best.  

We know volunteers are the lifeline of our league.  Coaching Youth Sports can be a rewarding experience. Our goal is to help make coaching baseball as easy as possible, and fun for everyone involved.

There are 4 steps to become a Coach for West Boca Youth Baseball.

  1. First, register as a Coach/Manager online at (same place you registered your player)
  2. Complete the Concussion Certification at and send a copy to your division Coordinator
  3. Complete the Babe Ruth Coaching Certification and send a copy to your division coordinator
  4. Finally, once you're assigned to a team you will complete a background check.  

NEW FOR 2020!! 

WBYB is proud to partner with Dugout Captain. Dugout Captain is a online baseball resource, with drill videos, skill-training lessons, and practice plans available to assist baseball parents and coaches to help kids. Dugout Captain’s virtual clipboard helps to quickly create fun, exciting, and effective workout plans. Visit to learn more! 

Thank you for being an important part of our community!